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Managing your medical finances can feel like an intricate labyrinth. But that’s where Dr. Hector Perez and his team come in, making it their mission to provide transparency and guidance regarding the costs and financial options available for bariatric procedures. Let’s discuss the monetary aspects of bariatric surgeries, including both gastric sleeve and gastric balloon operations.

Gastric Sleeve Mexico Cost

The price tag on gastric sleeve surgery isn’t standardized, with many factors coming in play. On average, gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico begins at around $4,39;, much cheaper than what you’d spend on average in the United States – we’re talking figures above $19,000! The price for the surgical operation can sway based on factors like the surgeon’s bill and what the hospital charges. But Dr. Hector Perez offers budget-friendly, all-encompassing deals for gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, covering your handpicked selections of movies streaming pre-op tests, hospital bills, and other expenses. Keep in mind that the surgery’s cost shouldn’t be your only deciding factor. What matters more is choosing a skilled surgeon with sound experience and a top-tier hospital to get the best results. Don’t forget to consider additional costs, too, like follow-up care or any meds or supplements you might need after getting a gastric sleeve surgery. It’s important that you consult with Dr. Perez about what works best for you. You might be fortunate if your insurance policy covers all or part of the surgery cost. Either way, Dr. Perez and his team can guide you through the ins and outs of insurance checks and even offer a detailed quote, including any out-of-pocket costs that could be tax deductible.

Gastric Balloon Procedures Costs Mexico

Dr. Perez offers a range of Gastric Balloon procedures to choose from – these include the Orbera Balloon System, Spatz Adjustable Balloon System, Obalon Gastric Balloon, and Reshape Duo Balloon System. Let’s discuss how much each process can cost you:

1. Orbera Balloon System

With FDA approval in August 2015, the Orbera balloon system has been popular as a less invasive way to lose weight. As it’s still quite new, most U.S. insurance companies won’t cover the cost of the procedure—making patients responsible for bearing the entire cost.

Costs for the Orbera system range from $3,000 to $9,000, with the average coming in about $6,000. Expect these prices to jump all over, depending on where you are located. The highest prices tend to be in the U.S., while it’s significantly cheaper if you opt for South America or Mexico.

The comprehensive cost typically includes the device, insertion fee, surgeon’s fee, essential investigations, and follow-up appointments. Discussing the detailed breakdown with Dr. Perez is advised to avoid unforeseen expenses.

2. Spatz Adjustable Balloon System

The Spatz system is an attractive choice among gastric balloon processes, though it’s not accessible in the United States. The final bill can differ depending on where you’re based and your health condition. We’re talking anywhere from $4,000 to $7,000 outside the U.S. A one-on-one with Dr. Perez can give you a clearer understanding of how much it will personally cost you.

3. Obalon Balloon System

The Obalon balloon is another type of gastric balloon process. It obtained its FDA’s approval back in September 2016 and stands out as the first balloon system that can be swallowed—ideal for you if you don’t want to go under surgery! But all these features come at a price that averages around $7,500 inside the U.S. However, countries outside the U.S. offer relatively lower prices.

4. ReShape Duo Balloon System

FDA-approved in July 2015, the ReShape Duo system, while relatively new, offers a dual balloon system, making the treatment efficient and satisfactory. With the ReShape Duo Balloon System, you’re looking at about $7,000 here in the States – including the balloon cost, pre-procedure checks, and some follow-up visits.

For a precise estimate tailored to your circumstances, consult with Dr. Perez, who can provide a detailed assessment based on your medical condition and the specifics of the procedure.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Bariatric Surgery

Undergoing bariatric surgery is a substantial decision, both health-wise and financially. Several elements come into play that can affect the overall cost of the procedure. Let’s explore the various factors that could potentially influence the financial aspects of undergoing bariatric surgery.

Surgeon's Fee

A large part of the surgery cost goes to the surgeon's fee. This can vary depending on their experience, where they're located, and their standing in the medical community. While going for a top-notch surgeon at a well-respected facility might cost more, you're also getting top-tier care and expertise.

Hospital Charges

The hospital where the surgery is conducted also demands a significant share of the cost. The price here can fluctuate depending on where the hospital is located, what kind of services it provides, and just how upscale it is.

Anesthesia Fee

Don't forget about the fee for anesthesia when determining the overall surgery cost. This could swing based on the type of anesthesia used and how long your operation lasts. It is best to consult with Dr. Hector Perez to discuss what options there are for anesthesia so you have a clear understanding of any potential additional costs ahead.

Pre and Post-operative Expenses

Before and after surgery, there are extra costs to consider. You could be looking at various lab tests, imaging studies, and specialist meetings to ensure the surgery goes well and recovery is smooth. Remember, these costs are about ensuring your safety and recovery.

Type of Bariatric Procedure

The kind of bariatric surgery can directly steer the price. More complicated surgeries like gastric sleeve procedures may cost more than gastric balloon procedures. Discussing the financial differences between the procedures with Dr. Perez is important so you know what you're choosing.

Insurance Coverage

Your insurance coverage can significantly change how much the procedure will cost out-of-pocket. Policies fluctuate between providers depending on who's eligible for what. Moreover, many insurance companies insist that surgeries be conducted at specific accredited centers for the coverage to apply, making it essential to fully understand your insurance policy’s nuances.

Presence of Comorbid Conditions

Patients dealing with other health conditions will likely spend more money on extra tests and treatments needed because of these pre-existing ailments. Running into unexpected health issues can increase the total price of the bariatric surgical procedure.

Potential Development of Complications

While every effort is made to avoid complications, these can undeniably increase the surgery cost, necessitating additional tests, treatment, and possibly extended hospitalization. Preparing for such contingencies is essential while planning the financial aspects of the surgery. In this regard, you would be happy to know that Dr. Hector Perez has performed at least 3,000 surgeries within a 10-year period, with 0% complications!


Going forward with a bariatric operation is an enormous leap towards a better life. Dr. Perez and his team are ready to lend a hand throughout, offering you full disclosure on costs and assisting in discovering the most fitting financial solution for you.

To understand the details better, schedule a consultative meeting with Dr. Hector Perez and ask for an inclusive cost quote, coupled with an insurance check, so that you’re able to make well-informed decisions.

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