Dr. Hector Perez, MD


The Obesity Surgical Center is a remarkable, cutting-edge hospital specializing in bariatric surgery located in Tijuana, Mexico. This state-of-the-art center sprung to life in 2020, boasting 10 patient rooms and a pair of operating rooms. The city’s renowned surgical expert, Dr. Hector Perez, performs all types of bariatric and revisional surgeries at the Obesity Surgical Center.

Credentials & Facilities

The Obesity Surgical Center just recently opened its doors. This shining new medical facility, constructed in 2020, houses ten patient rooms and is equipped with the latest tech. It’s serving up every type of bariatric procedure you could think of, from Gastric Balloon process to Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

Known far and wide as a world-class hub for weight loss surgery, The Obesity Surgical Center has pocketed accolades – noted as the “Center of Excellence” for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and claimed the Gold Seal of Approval from Joint Commission International. A feat not many international hospitals can say they’ve reached.

Here at the center, tackling obesity is a team effort. Their dream team? Nurses, dieticians, psychologists, case managers, patient care coordinators, and even physicians spanning various specialties – all pooling together for an all-rounded approach to helping folks manage obesity. Patients usually engage in group classes full of information on lifestyle modifications they’ll need post-surgery. So they know and are ready for what’s coming before surgery starts.


Benefits of Opting for Treatment at the Obesity Surgical Center

Choosing the Obesity Surgical Center for treatment brings many advantages that can significantly improve a patient’s journey and result in their path to weight loss. Let’s break this down:

01. Comprehensive Knowledge

The operating physician at the Obesity Surgical Center is Dr. Hector Perez, whose credentials spell experience and deep insight into the intricacies of obesity and surgical management methods. His proficiency guarantees treatments rooted in profound knowledge and practice.

02. Personalized Care

When you have a seasoned expert like Dr. Perez navigating your care, expect unique attention adjusted to your personal needs and previous medical records.

03. Advanced Surgical Equipment

The center boasts the latest and greatest in surgical and medical tools. This allows a broad range of procedures to be executed with unmatched precision and safety.

04. Comfortable Environment

The hospital’s ambiance is consciously crafted to offer comfort and tranquility, facilitating healing and promoting patients’ general well-being.

05. Spotless Environment

Previous patients vouch for the hospital’s exceptional cleanliness standards – an essential aspect ensuring no post-surgery infections or complications occur.

06. Research-Based Techniques

Built upon years of practical application, Dr. Perez is very familiar with innovative surgical techniques endorsed by scientific research, assuring the utmost advanced patient care.

07. Caring Staff

Nurses and other staff members are marked by their kindness, contributing greatly to patient experience through fostering a compassionate environment ideal for recuperation.

08. Safety Assured

Nestled in Tijuana, one of Mexico’s safest corners, the center offers relief to its patients—they can solely focus on their recovery without unnecessary concerns over safety issues.

09. Peaceful Recovery

Single-room accommodation guarantees a serene environment for patient recuperation, free of disruptions. This promotes speedier healing. At Obesity Surgical Center, having an entire room to yourself does not mean you have to spend a fortune; the entire cost will be merged into your overall bill—ensuring an economical and convenient process.

10. Confidentiality

The center ensures the utmost confidentiality regarding patient treatments, which includes safeguarding personal information and treatment specifics. This approach nurtures a bond of trust between the clinic and its patients.

Get in Touch

Are you curious to know more about Dr. Hector Joaquin Perez Corzo and the Obesity Surgical Center? There are plenty of ways to reach out. You could visit our website to get a feel for our service offerings or simply give us a call or shoot an email directly. The clinic is nestled in Tijuana, Mexico, warmly greeting clients from around the globe.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Perez, just contact the clinic’s team personally. The clinic’s dedicated team of seasoned medical experts makes it their mission to help you succeed on your weight loss journey. Offering quality healthcare services at pocket-friendly prices is what drives the Obesity Surgical Center forward – passionately committed to helping patients carve out permanent weight loss solutions and enhancing overall well-being.

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